Thursday, November 21, 2019

Article analysis Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Article analysis - Term Paper Example Health care in America faces relevant pressing issues that need immediate attention. Statistics provided by the AFL-CIO (â€Å"What’s Wrong With America, par. 2) reveal that 47 million Americans are without health insurance. Hacker (â€Å"Health Care for America†, par. 2) averred that â€Å"health insecurity is not confined to one part of the population. It is experienced by all Americans: those without insurance as well as those who risk losing coverage; those who are impoverished as well as those with higher incomes who experience catastrophic costs; those who are sick or injured as well as those who are just one sickness or injury away from financial calamity†. The Obama administration planned to reinforce the universal health care system for (almost) all Americans regardless of age, income, policyholder, gender or race. Incorporated in this universal health care plan is a National Health Insurance Exchange which would oversee current private insurance policyholders. Issues emerged on concerns that covering the uninsured entails paying higher taxes to subsidize this cost. In line of the economic crisis, these reforms are evaluated in the light of current budget constraints, specifically on education and Medicare programs. Further, the Miller averred that congressional leaders continue to divulge opposing views regarding the changes that were to be implemented and how to implement them. The cause of the disagreement was basically on public option, â€Å"a government-run insurance scheme, and how to pay for the remainder of reform† (BBC News, 2010, par. 19) The Republicans consistently opposed Obama’s healthcare reform indicating that healthcare would be "more bureaucratic and expensive" (BBC News, 2010, par. 25). They â€Å"focused on reducing the cost of health care and included only modest increases in insurance coverage† (Miller, 2010, 1103). The Democrats, on the other hand, supported Obama’s bill requiring â€Å"most Americans to

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