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Question: Discuss about the Issues and response towards Sleep Quality Study. Answer: Introduction The entire report argues upon the sleep quality study which an important part in humans life and most of the time it is ignored and attention is not paid towards it. Sleep quality study is related to the sleeping habits and scenario that prevails in the modern world. Comparing it with the old times and deriving out the good components which should be implemented in todays scenario as well to flourish and encourage positivity in the surroundings. The report discusses about the pros and cons of the healthy sleeping and poor sleeping quality and measures to improve the discrepancies are explained. Afterwards the ethical issues related to medication and treatment is elucidated along with the integrity related to the sleep quality study. Post integrity the safety issues are focused which explains the measures that could be undertaken to improve the quality of sleep avoiding stress, worries, depression and many more. Risk factors related to sleep quality are thoroughly discussed and responses to the issues and risk are explained quoting the various ways to improve the sleep quality to avoid various health issues and diseases that occurs. In nutshell, sleep quality study is the crucial one and disrespecting it causes multiple problems like heart, mental disease, depression, laziness and dizziness. Also oversleeping leads to increase in weight and person loses the creativity. An adequate sleep chart should be followed to carry healthy and peaceful living Research Background The research topic selected here is Sleep quality study. Sleep quality depends upon the richness of the sleep. It is bifurcated in two portions: poor quality sleep and good quality sleep. Poor quality sleep is connected with the insomnia where the person is unable to sleep at nights or is facing problems while sleeping through bad dreams and overthinking. When mind is at the unrest position it leads to poor sleep which affects the health of an individual. Insomnia arises due to unrest in mind and continues thought processing carries on. While designing the cross sectional groups between insomniac and good sleeper it is figured out that 3 measures could be understood to deal with the sleep quality among people. First of all freely speak about the good and bad sleep. Secondly, sleep quality interview is conducted to note down the problems related to insomnia and what causes a bad quality sleep. Lastly, a sleep quality diary is to be maintained to note down the complete sleep for seven consecutive nights (Harvey, 2008). There is no perfect definition for sleep quality yet introduced. There are two terms for good sleep quality i.e. subjective and objective. In subjective sleep quality the timelines are checked as to how early a person takes to sleep and how long does it take to wake up with the fresh mind. In objective sleep the measurement is made in hours, more than 7 hours is an adequate time to take sleep and wake up with energy, also it increases the efficiency of person by 85%. With the increasing awareness of sleep quality it is been associated with multiple factors which get affected with the single cause (Laundry, 2017). Considering its effect on students life then sleep quality plays a vital role in academics performance of the students. Study was conducted by the medical students and sleep quality was measured on the scale of Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Also students sleep diary was scrutinized where they noted their sleeping habits of last 2 weeks. There are various attributes been noted in the good and bad sleep quality. Considering positive sleep quality it was noticed that those people use to sleep early and wake early following the saying early to bed early to rise; make people healthy, wealthy and wise. The second portion of that states poor sleep quality quotes that those people go late to bed nearly after the midnight, need to wake up early which results in tiredness. Another factor that plays a vital role is lifestyle of people. At weekend late bed time and on week-offs late wake ups explains the entire story (Mirghani,, 2015). The purpose of the research is to study the sleep quality and understanding the depth of the topic in order to aware people about the consequences that are likely to occur in the near future. The main aim is to figure out the reasons behind poor sleep quality and earn the values to convert it into good sleep quality to lead healthy life. The expected results are to understand the human psychology and their bed habits which deprive the quality of sleep. Pros and cons of research While undertaking the research study there are numerous pros and cons that occurs which plays a vital role in understanding the topic even better. Through the constant study multiple changes are observed. The pro of research goes below: On waking up early and being a morning person an individual is left with entire morning. For students the morning time is considered to be the best as concentration level is high (Akpan, 2015). Efficiency of the person increases when the wake up early in the morning. Being early made people energetic and prepare them for the entire day to struggle. An adequate sleep is must for carrying a healthy life as the body functions properly when individual has taken sound sleep. The mind, heart, weight and lifestyle of the person remains in control. Having sufficient sleep as per the age reduces the tension and increases the efficiency to take corrective decisions. Be it early morning or late night person if the ample amount of sleep is been taken the mind gets strengthen and memory improves. Life span gets elongated if appropriate sleep is given preference. Studies quote that all those women who either gets less than five hours or more than six hours sleep tends to die early between 50-79 years (Sparacino, 2013). On taking around 6-7 hours sleep chances of getting inflammation reduces which decreases the rate of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and premature aging of the person. Even afternoon sleep is considered to be fruitful as it is a short and much refreshing nap which increases the efficiency and sharpens up the mind. On avoiding the adequate sleep structure and getting incomplete sleep may become the root cause of multiple health issues. The cons of research are: According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report presented in 2009, the major causes of accidents are sleepiness that the driver faces. This is even more dangerous than drink and drive. It happens because of getting insufficient sleep and people feel tired the whole day. Lack of sleep causes dizziness and irritability among the people. They face depression and decision making ability loosens up. On conducting the research and collecting secondary data it is figured out that most of the work accidents happens due to lack of sleep (Uehli, 2014). Even more sleep is as harmful as less amount of sleep. It leads to cervical and neuron problems which affects the mind and decreases the focus towards the things. People are unable to take on the spot decisions. The quality of sleep depends upon the sleep environment as well. Even the seasons matter. Studies states that people get enough of sleep during spring, winter and lastly summer. Temperatures of the surroundings play a vital role in getting sound sleep. When the secretion of CO2 is in high amount and radiations are there near your sleeping place causes harm as the dangerous gas and radiations affects skin, lungs and mind to the larger extension (Kim, Chun Han, 2010). The small naps carry a disadvantage that when a person takes nap in the afternoon then night sleep gets affected and people are not able to sleep at the night. Especially the insomniac people should avoid afternoon naps so that they get straight 8 hours sleep rather than the 1-2 hour nap in afternoon (Agrawal, 2016). The table below indicates the sleep quality and essential amount require for males. Females and children: Figure1.1 Sleep quality table showing the sound sleep and troubles in sleeping among various sections. (Source: Honest mattress reviews, 2017). Figure1. 2 Table showing the kids interruption in mothers sleep. (Source: Honest mattress review, 2017). Figure1. 3 Graph depicting duration of sleeping hours required for different categories. (Source: Honest mattress reviews, 2017). Ethical issues, integrity, safety issues and risks related to sleep quality study Ethical issues The ethical issue that prevails is human research and selecting risky subjects. The control group need to be maintained and organised appropriately so that actual therapy works and provided benefits out of it could be enjoyed. For takings sound sleep better sleeping aids should be used, quality of bed, pillow other amenities need to be organised (Dement, n.d.). Appropriate medications should be followed. Also all the treatment be it observational studies, physiological rationales and clinical acumen should be thoroughly explained. Some physician recommends taking medicines so that time is not wasted and effective working shall be focussed one (Brown, 2011). Wakefulness is also considered to be the important element, it is considered as social norms as well. It is argued so because the community relate it with the spirituality that while sleeping the person is self-less and do not have evil thoughts and deed which could lead to an energetic start to the people (Sandberg Ravelin gien, 2008). Integrity Experts and neurologists states that good sleep quality should be maintained for running the healthy life. Poor sleep quality changes the lifecycle and person remains stressful and tensed. Interruption between the sleep causes brain changes in specific area near frontal lobe. If individual feels depression and dizziness then physician should be contacted as early as possible as they are the sign of poor sleep quality and early treatment should be started to avoid the major brain and neuron problems (Science daily, 2014). The facts could be collected from searching and collecting data from various hospitals that states the poor sleep quality affects women in early age, tests are to be made to make a check the skin and gynaecological issues in the young girl. For that sake immediate treatment should be adopted to avoid acne vulgaris disease that prevails in women between the age group of 18 to 40 years. Safety issues The poor sleep is the high cause of concern as it leads to heart diseases, mental problem, nervous disturbances and similar problems. Insomnia should be avoided in order to prevent the multiple disorders and get sound sleep which expands the mind and fill in energy to continue the other successful day in human life (Sleep foundation, 2017). For that purpose certain safety measures are required adopting which will solve the problem of insomniac. Mindfulness: There are enormous people who oscillate between past and future and create restlessness in the mind. Stay mindful and live in the present moment, this will help in falling asleep early and enjoy the sound sleep which increases the efficiency of the work. Following mindfulness opens up the senses and rising-falling of breathe divert the mind-set allowing person to sleep peacefully. Thoughts and emotions to be welcomed: For getting healthy and good quality sleep fear from thoughts should be avoided. Indeed the thoughts and emotions should be welcomed and treat those thoughts and emotions as the second hand. Treat them as taken to be granted by not paying any attention towards them thereby facing the fear of thoughts and beating it to allow good quality nap. Stay on time: Construct a healthy routine to acquire sleep and enhance the sleep quality. Body works in the manner the individual treats it. Make a fixed time to sleep and wake up and the body clock will follow the same lifestyle. Do not battle with the sleep: Many a time it happens that sleepiness is not respected and the person fights back with the natural sleep time using the technology, consuming alcohol or hearing certain music. Disturbing the routine sleep will cause in lapse of time and person is unable to get that kind of sleep. Therefor the sleep calls should not be wasted as it brings peace in the mind and calmness in the nature of person preparing them for the battle of life (Everett, 2015). Risk As discussed earlier poor sleep quality is dangerous for human life if it has become a routine especially to young people and teen agers who are technologies prone will face difficulty in sleeping on growing up. Imbalance sleep habits are very risky. The major causes of accidents are due to sleepiness of driver while driving which causes destruction of life of individual along with passengers. Another issue with bad quality sleep is that it lowers down the decision making power and give rise to restlessness. Reasoning of the person gets deteriorated resulting in losing the attentiveness and alertness. Deprived sleep causes major diseases like Alzheimer, heart attack, rising blood pressure, diabetes. Studies suggest that deprived sleep loses the attraction towards the partner in bed as it lowers down the libidos. Increased tension causes sleep apnea among men as it leads to respiratory problems which disturb sleep. Sleep disorders lead to depressions and distress. Also the memory loss gets started as people do not remember many things resulting in forgetfulness. The skin aging gets started at early age and people get older way early from their ages (Peri, 2017). Response to the issues and risks Considering the studies which depict the safety issues and risk associated with poor sleep quality or sleep disorder different measures are also discussed to improve this problem to lead healthy life. The issues and risk can be resolved by adopting the healthy habits and choosing early bed times. The sleep calls should never be ignored as this will create disturbance in the daily routine. There are multiple diseases and health issues that occur on following the technologies and modernisation to the great pace. Along with night sleeps even afternoon naps are beneficial. Taking at least 30 minutes nap improvises the memory, sharpens the mind, helps in delivering positive work and fill the person with energy to continue the work further (Sleep hygiene, 2017). Sound and timely sleep prevents numerous heart diseases by balancing the blood-pressure and letting the heart functions well. It protects from mental illness like forgetfulness, Alzheimer, depression and flow of energy and happines s is there. A healthy person enjoys present rather than wasting the thoughts upon past and coming future. The issues and risk related to sleep quality could be resolved by adopting the correct treatment well before the time to enhance efficiency of the people so that working gets effective and making person lead a healthy and safe life (Davis,2017). Conclusion Therefore, from the entire study it could be concluded that sleep quality plays a crucial role in individuals life. There exist two types of attributes under sleep quality study which are: poor and good sleep quality. Poor sleep quality slowly and gradually depletes persons own quality and increases the dissatisfaction, restlessness, tension, depression, heart problem, respiratory issues and consumes the energy of the person leading the person towards negative approach in life. The poor quality could be resolved and improved using good sleep quality. In good sleep quality the researchers and physicians have depicted the table which argues upon the sleeping hours required by an individual in a lifespan and gender wise how many hours are ideal for a men and women to sleep. The pros and cons of good and poor sleep quality are discussed followed by learning the ethical issues, integrity, safety measures and risks. At the end the response towards safety and risk is provided. Quoting varie ty of solutions that should strictly be implemented in the lifestyle to carry a healthy and peaceful life and give strength to handle live problems and make appropriate decisions. References Akpan. N., 2015, The science of sleeping in, and why you probably shouldnt, viewed on 11th august 2017, Brown. D. L.,, 2011, Ethical issues in the conduct of clinical trials in obstructive sleep apnea, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, vol.7, no.1, p.p. 103-108. Davis. 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