Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Report on cultural analysis and its impact on International Human Essay

Report on cultural analysis and its impact on International Human Resources - Essay Example Suggestions will be made to prove the interrelation between the HR functions and organizational performance in the Swiss and Indian organizations which impact the economic well-being of a certain country. Within the last decades there have been numerous research conducted with the intention to focus on the relationship between the HR functions and organizational performance. Since human resource represents a valuable asset for organization’s ability to be achievement-oriented, it is essential for companies to be able to manage their human potential starting with such processes as staffing and selection (Lussier & Hendon, 2015). In times of changeable business environment, organizations struggle with challenges of staffing in order to increase the knowledge work, reduce labor retention, be more competitive among other companies and diversify the workforce to meet the modern requirements of business world. To solve these challenges, HR functions are called to focus more on staffing and selection (Sultana & Razi, 2012). The following paper will illustrate how HR functions of staffing (recruitment) and selection are applied by Swiss and Indian organization and what impact they hav e on the organizational performance of these two counties. Being a modern market economy, Switzerland has low unemployment rate and high skilled labor force with the GDP per capita highest in the world (Switzerland: economy, 2015). Its labor force comprises 4,697,282 people in 2012. India has the critical mass of highly skilled people who speak English and are good at science. Having the impressive diaspora, Indian creates connection between its valuable knowledge and potential for other world. The employment Source: Switzerland: economy (2015) comprises 481,235,956 in 2013. Its economic regime gives many opportunities for entrepreneurship and free enterprise, creating a strong infrastructure for private

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